Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

Catit Main Features

This product comes in a grey colour and ideal shy cats.

The main reason for this is the hood provides privacy while keeping the litter inside the box at the same time.

This big hood lifts up relatively easy for easy access when it comes to cleaning.

One of the main features is the big bag and care which helps keeps the bag open and of course freeze your hands while you’re scooping this anchor bag is built in.

There is a carbon-impregnated filter which is very useful for trapping and removing any odours which can also be used with the latest of manual pasta which is able to absorb and retain

Close to nearly 80% of the head of hazardous ammonia gases.
another great feature is the slider which is lockable and this helps for a quick assemble

Product specs for the Catit Tray

The size is round about 60 cm by 44 cm by 47 cm and weighs 760 grams which is very large and very convenient.

As mentioned earlier it is grey and colour.

Easy Cleaning

The manufacturer has recommended that when it comes to washing the should be by hand and no other means

Inbuilt filter for odours

This cat litter tray has an inbuilt filter which is very hygienic it’s also very easy to clean and very easy to use and also has a deodorizing facility available which helps with smell.

Indoor use only

Can be used daily but should be used indoor and as ideal for toilet training as well.

Cats on known to be private animals. This is why the catit jumbo hooded cat pan is ideal for this purpose.

Large Hood

The large hood of snaps for easy access for your cats and for cleaning.

What types of cats

This cat litter tray is ideal for households with many cats and especially ideal for large cats.

What you get

Use the base of the cat pen as well as the lid.

There is a lot of space so your cat is able to take care of its business without feeling cramped.

Easy Assembly

The hooded cat Pan is very easy to put together it just has a snap and lock facility again which is very easy to clean and actually quite simple.

Carbon Filters

Although we mentioned the carbon filters earlier they are replacements that are available but unfortunately, they are sold separately and those are sold in packs of 2.

Why would you need the carbon filters anyway?

These filters work to make sure that you eliminate any odors by working to trap and remove odours.

4 Locking Tabs

The box comes with four locking tabs which helps to keep the units in a good position and study and of course to hold this in tact; it is well equipped for this purpose.

Replacement liners

Replacement liners are available but also sold separately they come in packs of 10 and 60.

Not waterproof

As mentioned this cat litter tray is ideal for indoor use only it should not be used outdoor as this is not rainproof and the rain will seep through the top holes.

What filters and bags supplied with the product.

The product only comes with one filter but no bags.  The filter can last up to 4 months so that will keep you going in until you are ready to purchase more bags.

How deep is the base tray.

This is about 7 inches deep and you will not get any mess on outside the tray.  It’s more than enough to shelter off the spillage.

Some tips for the Catit Tray

You can expect to face some problems with the sliding clips these are used to connect the hood in the litter tray together.
You will find that they are a bit stuff but you need to make sure that they are in the locked position.
The hood will disconnect if this is not secured properly.