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We have taken special care and time to bring you the best cat Fountains. We would recommend using Cat Mate Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs, 2 Litre Fountain as it is our top pick for you .

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Cat Mate Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs, 2 Litre Fountain

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  • Provides clean fresh filtered drinking water
  • Multi-height drinking levels. Safe low voltage power supply
  • Isolated pump for very quiet operation
  • 2 Litre volume capacity
  • 3 Year Guarantee

Catit Original Flower Fountain with Water Level Window, 3 Litre

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  • The Catit flower fountain uses running water to encourage pets to drink more
  • The catit flower fountain uses running water featuring three water flow settings to engage even the pickiest of drinkers with a gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow
  • Storing 3 litre of water so your cats have a fresh supply of water all day and also includes viewing window to handily check water level
  • Filter included - continuously purifies and softens hard tap water to help prevent urinary tract disease which is common in cats, whilst also retaining stray hair and debis
  • Fountain is compatible with the triple action filters (Amazon code: B0748H3GKN (5 pack) and B071JSBR9X (2 pack))

PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain,Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain,Cat Fountain with Two Flow Modes, BPA-Free Capsule Dog Water Fountain,2.1L Visible Water Level with Large-Size Filter

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  • Runs Ultra Quietly & Encourages Drinking: PETLIBRO cat drinking fountain uses a patented outlet pipe, which is absolutely silent even when the water level get low. The Bubble fountain and free-falling stream can meet the need of different pets and increase the fun of pets.
  • BPA-free & Emergency Water Storage: Made of high quality ABS material, PETLIBRO automatic cat water fountain is BPA-free, durable, safe and easy to operate and clean. With a water storage capacity of about 80ml, it can provide water for your pet in case of power outages.
  • Large Drinking Space & Visible Water Level: 2.1L PETLIBRO automatic cat water fountain has a large effective drinking space, it's suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the pet's overall water consumption.
  • Widespread & Efficient Filtration: PETLIBRO cat water fountain is equipped with a large-size carbon filter (Quadruple Filtration System) and a sponge filter. 6.7*0.35 inches filter covers almost the entire water tray to purify the water more efficiently. The pre-filter foam in the pump can also filter impurities and extend pump life.
  • Easy to Set Up and Clean: PETLIBRO cat water fountain is ergonomic that all parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and replacement. For your pet health, it's recommended to change the filters, clean the pump and fountain every 2-4 weeks.Search "B095WWF7Z3" for replacement.

NPET Cat Water Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountain for Cats Dogs with Pump, Automatic Pet Water Dispenser with Filters, Drinking Bowl, Faucet, 3 Modes, Transparent, 050TP, 1.5 L

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  • ❤️️ 【 Reliable Filtration System 】NPET Water Fountains with charcoal filters help soften hard tap water, eliminate the unpleasant smells in the water, and catch any hair that falls in. You can expect a well-hydrated cat, healthy and free of kidney problems and urinary tract infections!
  • ❤️️ 【Triple Purification Function】The filter composed of cotton-ion exchange resin-activated carbon effectively removes impurities such as hair, debris, food residue, etc. It eliminates bad taste and smell, softens and purifies the quality of tap water. It can encourage your pets to drink more healthy water to reduce their illness. (Please search filters"B08XYQMSS4" for replacement))
  • ❤️️ 【 Ultra Quiet Operation 】Upgraded water pump brings you better performance. Large water output, low power consumption, and a sponge aims to capture hairs and reduce clogging. Quiet operation under 40 DB never disturbing your cat or you in the night.
  • ❤️️ 【 1.5 Litres Capacity & Transparent Design 】1.5L capacity reduces the need for refilling, equipped with 200ml bowl satisfying your pets' one-day water need in the case of the electricity is shut down. NPET fountain fine designed packed with an adjustable faucet, filters, and a cleaning kit, no water can splash onto the floor. As it is a transparent design, You can easily know how much water is left and when to refill.
  • ❤️️ 【 3 Different Water Settings 】Cat fountain comes with three flow settings so you can customize the fountain modes according to your pets’ preference: a wide gentle spring mode, short faucet mode or long faucet mode. All of them are attractive to your cats.

Cat Drinking Fountain, Water Dispenser for Cats with Water Level Window, Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel with 4 Pieces Hygiene Filter & 1 Silicone Mat, Drinking Fountain for Pets with LED Light

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  • Built-in Blue LED Light & Stainless Steel Material: Parner cat fountain with LED light (as a night light) and water level window, enabling you to see the water level at any time. So you do not have to open the drinking fountain every time to check whether or not the water needs to be refilled. The top of our cat water fountain is specially designed with stainless steel material, which is durable and healthy for your pets.
  • Circulating and Filtering of Water: Do you love your cats and want to give them the best? Our cat drinking fountain with circulation system, equipped with replacement filter to clean the water, remove hair, dirt and food residue, so that your beloved pets are supplied with healthy and hygienic water all day long.
  • 2.4 L Large Capacity: Are you afraid that there is not enough water available for your pets during a business trip? Parner drinking fountain cat with 2.4 L super large capacity, no frequent refilling of water required. And your pets have plenty of water to drink even though you are on business or travelling (at least 3 days Depends on how much water your pet needs per day.).
  • 3 Water Flow Modes: the Parner cat water fountain has 3 water flow modes: Flower waterfall, flower bubble and gentle fountain - each mode meets the requirements of different pets. Even more important is the fact that the free-falling flow and the bright colour attract pets to drink more water.
  • 40 db Super Quiet: our drinking fountain for pets with 2W low power consumption is energy saving and environmentally friendly. And it is super quiet with less than 40 decibels. All you can hear is the sweet flowing water sound. If you need more replacement filters, Please search "B0839GYR94" directly on

OlarHike Cat Water Fountain, 2.5L Dog Water Fountain Ultra Quiet Automatic Pet Water Dispenser with 2 Replacement Filters, LED Lights for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets (Blue)

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  • Keep Your Cat Hydrated
  • Clean Water for Your Pet

PewinGo Cat Water Fountain 2L Stainless Steel, Automatic Pet Water Fountain Super Quiet with 4 Pet Toys/Filter/LED Water Level Window, Automatic Drinking Water Bowl for Multiple Pets

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  • SUPER QUIET - The ultra silent water pump is extremely quiet (
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CAT TO DRINK WATER - 3 different water flow settings not only make a great fun toy for your pets, but also encourage them to drink more water, especially useful for most cats tend not to drink enough, which is very important for the health of his kidneys.
  • FRESH AND CLEAN WATER - The filter contains activated carbon and ion exchange resin to filter out impurities and soften the water, making the water fresher and cleaner. And with a 360 ° multi-directional flow, it always offers fresh water on top, unlike bowls.
  • WITH LED WATER WINDOW - A transparent water level window with LED light reminds you to add water in time during the day or at night. It is easy to monitor the water level but serves as a night light for at the same time, so your cat can easily drink it in the dark.
  • 2L LARGE CAPACITY AND SATISFATION GUARANTEE - With its large volume and filtration, you can go on a trip for 3-5 days and let the cat / dog stay at home, very practical! Please use our PewinGo original filters for this fountain, you can get them from amazon:

Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, Ultra Silent Healthy and Hygienic Cat Waterfall Flower Style Fountain, 3 Modes Drinking Fountain, with 1 Carbon Filter and 1 Large Silicone Mat, Green

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  • SAFE MATERIALS: November Spring pet water drinking fountain is made of finely polished antibacterial PP resin materials. With food-grade certification, it is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless. Cylindrical design prevents overflow and spills. Further, it is featured with a transparent and visible groove as water level, which helps remind you to add water in time when there is little water. Also it’s easy to remove snap-fitting filter mesh and filter tray for cleaning.
  • 3 WATER FLOWING SETTINGS: [Flower Waterfall]: Water column design, more attractive to cats to drink water. [Waterfall & Fountain]: Faucet-like stream with bubble flowing water surface. For long-haired cats, it’s easy to drink from the top directly, prevent getting their hair wet and keep the water clean. [Fountain]: Gentle bubbling spring with largest surface of water. Dogs like the spacious water table. You can get this mode by removing the flower head, allowing dogs to have more water space.
  • CIRCULATING WATER & MULTILAYER FILTERING MECHANISM: 1.6L water storage capacity with 360 degrees drinking area allows your pets to have enough water every day. Equipped with charcoal filter, it can filter various impurities and hair, ensuring water clean and healthy. The automatic water system makes it suitable for the people who are out of home frequently.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY, SUPER SILENT & POWER SAVING: A new generation of silent submersible pump makes it super quiet and shock reduction, ensuring there is no noise interference in your room. With only 2W low power consumption, the pump can save more electric power than any other peers.
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You will get 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always ready to provide you best customer services. The enclosed filter can purify water with 3-layer filtering mechanism (Exchange Resin + Active Carbon + Cotton), allowing your pet drink more healthily. Hereby we suggest to replace charcoal filters every 2 to 4 weeks to keep the water clean. Our pet water fountain is compatible with the 3-layer Filters. (Amazon code: B07J9PRL8G)

Automatic Pet Water Fountain, Duoai Pet Drinking Fountains for Cats and Dogs, 67oz / 2L Drinking Fountain for Pets, Drinkwell Water Dispenser Fresh Free-Flowing Water, White

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  • 【Multi Filtration Circulating Water System】-- 2.0L Duoai pet water fountain for cats and dogs comes with a filter element. Water fountain has a filtering function to provide pets with cleaner water to prevent urinary stone diseases usw..
  • 【Adjustable Stream & Simple Operation】-- Unique water flow design can attract pets to drink water more. The water valve able to allows you to customize water proper flow for your pet. This pet drinking water bowl is easy to install and designed to disassemble to clean.
  • 【Quality Material & BPA free】-- This water dispenser for cat and dog is made of food-grade material, which is BPA free. Duoai cat water fountain use more durable and steady material that meets pets health standards.
  • 【Quiet Intelligent Pump】-- The pump is quiet ( measured below 30dB, which gives your pets a sweet sleep.) The large capacity also reduces the need for constant refilling. Pet drinking fountain comes with auto off function at a low water level.
  • 【Filter Element and Sponge】-- The filter in the dog water despenser is able to effectively remove odors, impurities, and soften water to protect pets healthy. There is a replaceable sponge to the pump which could filter smaller impurities. Please search B097QXG83G for the replacement filters. Please search B097QWXJXW for the replacement Sponge.

Cat Mate Shell Pet Water Fountain | For Cats and Small Dogs Water Dispenser with Multiple Levels | 3L, White

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  • GOOD HYDRATION: This pet fountain features multiple-height drinking stations and is perfect for encouraging your pets to drink more water. The shell attachment creates a waterfall to attract your pet with the gentle sound of flowing water
  • FILTERED WATER: Cats prefer fresh flowing water compared to still water in a bowl. This water fountain is equipped with a circulating 3-stage filtration system to ensure healthy drinking water for your pet and helps prevent harmful scaling deposits
  • 3L CAPACITY: Provide your pets with a clean, healthy water supply while you’re away! The 3L large water capacity reduces the need to refill water frequently - perfect for pet parents who are away for a weekend. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • SUPER SILENT PUMP SYSTEM: This pet water dispenser has an ultra-quiet, isolated pump system and requires a low voltage power supply. There are easily visible max and minimum water level indicators with a distinct noise when the level is low
  • A MATE FOR LIFE: Pet Mate has been the UK's go-to pet supplies retailer since 1986. Provide for your best friend’s needs with our top-quality Cat Mate range of water fountains, original automatic pet feeders, and cat flaps