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We have taken special care and time to bring you the best Cat Scratching Pads. We would recommend using Catit Wide Scratching Board with Catnip as it is a high-quality product.

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Catit Wide Scratching Board with Catnip

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  • Corrugated scratching surface to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of the cats claws.
  • Satisfies cats natural scratching instincts and enables cats to stretch their bodies and to work of energy
  • Helps protect furniture from claw damage
  • Catnip Sachet Included
  • Wide

Conlun Cat Scratcher Cat Scratching Board Cardboard Cat Scratchers with Premium Scratch Textures Design Curved Shape Reversible Use Durable Scratching Pad (Medium)

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Unique Design: Premium scratching textures design, more closely mimics tree bark. Different touching experience makes it more irresistible for the cats. More importantly with this design, our cat scratcher is 50% more durable than the normal ones.
  • Effective Tools: Satisfied cats‘ scratching instinct, bring your favorite furry friend the healthy claws, a place to release stress and great exercise. Saving your furniture and carpets from the cats since the Scratching Pads are the “natural cardboard” at home
  • Durable and Environmental Friendly: Made of heavy duty corrugated and 100% recycled cardboard, so it is strong enough to resist the sharpest claws for a fair enough long time. It is also safe and non-toxic. Even the glue used in the construction is corn-starch Perfectly healthy for your adorable cats
  • Reversible Feature: The Scratch pad cardboard is reversible, so two sides can be scratched, making the scratching life last longer and more cost-effective. Size: 40 x 20 x 5.3 CM
  • Fit Your Home Décor . We offer 3 patterns with different sizes for customers to choose, simple and modern design fits for just about anywhere, including crates, floor and any room in your home

Aibuddy Cat Scratcher, Curve Scratching Pad Reversible Cardboard Lounge Bed with Organic Catnip [ 44x 25x 7cm, Superior Cardboard & Construction]

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Design for cat’s habits :Curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play.
  • Cats love it: A scratcher, ball toy, play area, & SO MUCH MORE,combines multiple stimulating activities-scratching, interactive ball play that all cats enjoy and thrive on. Include premium organic catnip leaf ,naturally attracts cats.Natural scratching = healthy claws, great exercise and stress reliever ..
  • You will love it: Made by 100% eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard with non-toxic glue. Healthy Material, attractive design, neutral colors. Recommended to save your furniture as cats prefer the feel of cardboard. Happy cat = happy you.
  • Great Value: 44x 25 x7 cm, Rotate for 2x the use. Superior cardboard & construction lasts longer than other scratching cardboard.
  • Warranty: As cat lovers and experts, we believe that every cat has its own personality. We are extremely positive of our product. But we can’t be sure every individual cat will love it the same. So we are providing a 6 months warranty to this product. Feel free to contact us if you need any help of the product.

Pieviev Premium Cat Scratcher Sisal Scratching Pad Extra Large Cat Scratching Toy No More Torn Cardborad Scattering Anti-Slip Backing & Catnip (1-Pack)

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Sisal Fabric, No Paper Scater-- Compared with cardboard scratchers, Pieviev scratchers are made of sisal fabric which are more wear-resistant, no shredded paper scattering. No need to sweep off paper every day.
  • Large Size & Effectively Prevent Scratching Furniture-- Our cat scratcher board will allow your cats to scratch without leaving you damaged and messy furniture. With large size (17.5in*10.2in*1.3in) and firm fabric, the sisal cat scratcher is suitable for all kinds of cats.
  • Removable Anti-Slip Strips-- We especially attach anti-slip strips for fix the place where cats scratch. The anti-slip strips can be removed if you need to change places.
  • Feed Their Scratching Urges-- The texture construction of sisal fabric is firmer, which would not be easily torn, helping cats' grinding nails. Most Cats love to grind their nails out of nature. A high-quality scratcher is needed for your cats.
  • Catnip Included-- Attracts your cat and helps you entice your cats to have good scratching habbits, as well as help keep your cats interested and entertained for hours!

LSAIFATER Cat Scratching Mat, Natural Sisal Mat, Protect Carpets and Sofas (38x30cm, Brown)

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • 100% woven from natural sisal with firm cotton edge
  • Anti-skid latex at the bottom, increase its thickness and stability so that it is not easy to slide
  • Antistatic performance, also protect the floor
  • Solid, wear-resistant cat scratching mat - to meet the cat's natural scratching instinct, so that the cat can stretch the body and work energy
  • Can provide an interesting feeding space for cats

Cat Scratching Pad, Cat Scratcher Cardboard, Scratch Lounge with Catnip, Wide, Textured Black(Upgraded)

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Modern and smart design nicely blends into most home décor, upgraded textured sides bring a classy visual perception
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard
  • Reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than most others
  • Textured scratching surface provides a right place to satisfy cats' natural scratching needs
  • A must-have cat scratcher to train your furry friend away from sofa, carpet and any other furniture

Vivaglory Reversible Cat Scratcher Cardboard with Box, Cat Scratching Pad Kitty Corrugated Sofa Lounge with Catnip, 3 Pack, Regular

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Smarter Box, Cleaner Floor: Separable outer frame with slightly higher edge to carry corrugated scraps to ensure your floor clean and tidy; No more worry about messy floor
  • Reversible for 2x the use: Build with a two-sided scratching pad, the insert cat scratcher cardboard can be flipped over to a fresh surface so your cats can use the other side; made of high-density corrugated cardboard, this cat scratcher would last longer time than most others
  • Save Your Furniture: this cat scratcher designs with 100% eco-friendly material and premium scratching textures, giving your cats an unexpected snug place to play, stretch, and sharpen their claw. Then your furniture will be safe and sound
  • Sizes: Narrow of 44 x 18cm is specially designed for kitties or smaller cats, Extra Wide of 44 x 28.5cm with roomy surface can use as both a scratcher and a generous place to lounge, sleep and nest; both types are long enough for your cats to flex and stretch
  • Individually packaged catnip: We provide a separate bag of organic growth catnip for every scratch pad; Try to sprinkle some of our organic catnip on it if your cat are not interested in it at first glance

MILO & MISTY 3 Piece Patterned Scratching Pad - Cat Scratching Post - Durable Cardboard Lounger Set with Free Catnip

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Set of 3 scratching boards in different designs - place around the home to help stop your cat scratching and plucking at furniture and furnishings
  • Versatile design with raised sides also doubles up as a comfortable lounger or bed for your feline friend
  • Made from lightweight yet durable corrugated cardboard and comes with a packet of catnip!
  • Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes
  • Each board measures 48 x 22.5 x 7.6cm

Ohana Cat Scratching Board Set of 3 Different Design Cardboard Cats Scratching Mat with Catnip Scratcher for Kitten Kitty Including Straight Shape S Shape and Waving Shape

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • 3 Pack Design - 3 Pack of different shapes Cat Scratching Boards will satisfy your feline friends different needs.
  • Made of Recycled Cardboard - OHANA Cat Scratching Pads is applied with premium corrugated cardboard, durable, recyclable and its safe to both your pets and the environment
  • Away from your Furniture - For cats, scratching things is their natural instinct and with their claws growing up, normally they will scratch walls or furniture to relieve discomfort or over exciting. OHANA cat scratching pads are a best choice, occupied to prevent them damaging your furniture. Please do not ignore your kittens, scratching toys can relieve boredom and pressure, make them happy.
  • With Catnip - Including one bag of catnip for each scratching mat, put a little of the catnip on it and it is a party on the scratcher, will increasing a lot of fun.
  • Dimension - Straight shape 44*22*4.2/S shape 43.2*21*6.7/Waving M shape 44.5*20.8*7.4, Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes, perfect for relaxing, stretching and sleeping.

M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Mat Horizontal Cat Floor Scratching Pad Rug Scratch Pad for Cat Grinding Claws & Protecting Furniture (65*40cm)

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as of January 11, 2022 9:27 am


  • Natural sisal (woven), Long: 65cm Wide: 40cm
  • High-density sewing machine lockring,non-woven fabric and anti-slip epoxy latex design
  • Sisal cat scratching mat is stable, not easy to deform, durable and easy to clean
  • Cat loves rest and play on sisal mat,you can sprinkle a little catnip on the carpet to train the cat to sharpen its claws
  • Not only be a cat scratch pad, play mat, but also a sleeping mat,a litter mat, of course, you can also use it as a mat of the door

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